Honor and recognition

Cattles has been making concerted efforts in environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance, aiming to operate sustainably and implement business ethics.

  • 1.Green Energy
  • 2.Solar Energy
  • 3.ROHS Environmental Certification
  • 4.Energy Saving
  • 5.Power Saving Device
  • 6.LED Illumination
  • 7.Recycle
Caring for employees
with disabilities

Create employment opportunities for people with disabilities and encourage them to be proud of their ability to work. Win the government Award for overemploying people with disabilities every year.

Providing feedback
to local residents

In order to give feedback to the local area and promote local employment development, Cattles provides local employees with a monthly salary of one thousand TWD more than employees in other areas.

Charitable activities

Cattles has always insisted on doing its best for social welfare: we donate money to the elders and send gifts to children with disabilities every year.

Donating books to
the local community

Donate Di Zi Gui ("Student Rules") to primary school children every year. Di Zi Gui ("Student Rules") is not only beneficial to children, but also allows grandparents/parents to learn good education methods.


In order to effectively connect the resources and knowledge of industry and academia, Cattles cooperates with Huwei University of Science and Technology and the Metal Industry Research and Development Center in the hope of mutual benefit and continuous cooperation.

Occupational safety
and health

In order to ensure that every employee works in a safe and healthy environment, Cattles implements the following measures: wearing earmuffs at the production site, regular labor safety health examinations, special physical examinations, fire drills, etc.