R&D Capability

For many years, Cattles has been committed to produce safety products and high-tech industries, and have employed Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), which has enabled us to provide you with the best quality, the most favorable prices, the most professional services, and the fastest technology support, and the most immediate delivery rate.


We continuously pursue R&D innovation and are committed to developing and launching the latest safety parts on the market


We strictly control product quality and provide reliable, stable and high-performance safety parts.


We always focus on customers, listen to customer needs, and strive to provide customers with the best solutions.


We are a professional team dedicated to developing safety parts. We are proud of our excellent technology and rich experience, and we constantly strive to provide customers with excellent and safe products. We adhere to using scientific methods to make products that others cannot do. Welcome to work with us to design your customized safety products.

Strive for

Based on innovative thinking, we are committed to developing safer and more reliable safety parts to meet the changing needs of customers.


We have a R&D team composed of professionals. Our chief R&D engineer is a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with extensive experience. The R&D members include 2 masters with mechanical backgrounds and 4 bachelor's R&D engineers. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of safety part research and development. Moreover, we use the latest Simufact Forming forging simulation analysis software and PAM-STAMP stamping simulation analysis software to develop products.

Treasure the

We are known for efficient execution, ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products to meet customer requirements.